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Trans Pavilion. Undercurrent architects_09


Project Details:

Transcontinental Pavilion, 3 Cities

Year: 2012

Milan , Italy

Guangzhou , China

Shanghai , China





Transcontinental Pavilion celebrates the dawn of tourism, when the few intrepid Travellers returned from distant lands with tales of adventure and souvenirs of wonder.

The Pavilion is based on the 2 essentials of the Grand tour; i) the trunk – a  much loved travel companion and treasure trove ; and ii) the safari tent – a nomadic structure which pays particular attention to expressing home comforts such as fine furniture, fabrics and linen.

The Pavilion consists of a group of safari tents of various sizes that define different thematic areas and spatial sequences related to transcontinental travel. The tents are formed by finely woven canvas draped from a lightweight exoskeleton, with intricately tailored details.

Inside the tents, the travel trunks act as low partitions to define a series of vignettes for each of the spaces and furniture settings. Each trunk tells a unique narrative, with a small theatrical space on the inside that provides information on the product and lifestyle experience. Practically, the trunks also assist in transporting the exhibition internationally and in housing lighting and electrical services.

The Pavilion featured at a number of world furniture fairs throughout 2012 and portrayed the sense of travelling the world from the comfort of an armchair.



Project Team:

Undercurrent Architects : Didier Ryan