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Undercurrent Architects GZ14_01

Strand Pavilion, 3 Cities

Year: 2014

Milan , Italy

Guangzhou , China

Shanghai , China

Strand Pavilion is a temporary building for travelling exhibitions and continues an investigation into rapid volumetric erection, low-budget material and installation costs.

The design works with tensile glass-fibre strands to form a variety of volumes, spaces and enclosures across 3 Pavilions in 3 cities.

Fibre strands are arranged in 2 bundle types – i) catenary rib structures, flexed into billowy umbrella forms;  ii) paper fan-like forms, pulsating with self weight and air movement.

Strand Pavilion was the feature Pavilion at the entrance to Guangzhou Furniture Fair.


‘A single strand breaks easily, but the bundle of strands is strong’ ; The single fibre strand is incapable of standing alone, however it attains dynamic equilibrium as a bundle, pulsating with kinetic energy

Guangzhou Pavilion

Undercurrent Architects SH14_03

Milan Pavilion

Undercurrent Architects MIL14_02a


Project Team:

Undercurrent Architects : Didier Ryan, Tao Gatto, Yoko Chang