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Regent Club, UK. Undercurrent architects_02

Project Details:

Regent Club, Oxfordshire UK

Year: 2010-11


Regent Cinema Club is a multi use venue, bar and nightclub in a restored Picture house. The design retains the classic form and structure of the cinema while inverting its function – redefining the role of the audience as protagonists in the performance.

The building’s raked floor levels, projection box and performance stage, ante rooms and intermission spaces were reconditioned to activate audience involvement, using theatrical techniques drawn from cinema to create a sense of spectacle and provoke social opportunities.

The theatrical theme provided a rich storyboard of dramatic effects – exciting senses and perception through the manipulation of space and light, illusion, projection, super-positioning, visual sequencing and shadowing.

Regent Cinema Club is a widely used community venue catering across genres with a distinct blend of spaces and atmospheres.


Design themes:

–        abandoned, run down building brought back into use

–        adaptable concept catering to a broad spectrum of events and genres

–        theatrical theme of old cinema re-interpreted for contemporary spectacle as a series live performances on smaller stage sets – with the crowd as the main actor

–        Change of use contrary to Planning Policy



Project Team:

Undercurrent Architects : Didier Ryan , Alessandra Giannotti