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Palmwood House, London. Undercurrent architects_ 01a

Palmwood House, London UK

Area: Wandsworth

Year: 2007 – 2008

London Design Award : House of the Year 2009/10 (Wandsworth Council)

RIBA Shortlist 2008

Wallpaper Magazine ;  Worlds Best Architects feature project 2007


Palmwood House is built on a small, triangular infill lot –  a problematic urban site severely constrained by height restrictions, acute boundaries, failed development plans and conservation controls. The building works with a gradation of spaces, views and daylight to achieve an extensive living experience despite its restricted volume.

The design looks for opportunities in the constraints and takes advantage of every square inch of floor space. It minimises a sense of containment without compromising the high degree of privacy and introspection that provides respite in tight urban living conditions.

Beyond working with limitations, the house utilises unique material applications to help the building stand out even when dwarfed by its neighbours, as well as sustainable practices (low energy, reused materials, advanced building systems) so that the building’s ecological footprint reflects its small physical one.



Project Team:

Undercurrent Architects : Didier Ryan

Photography: David Butler