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Linen Pavilion. Undercurrent architects_01

Linen Pavilion, 3 Cities

Year: 2011

Milan , Italy

Guangzhou , China

Shanghai , China

Linen Pavilion. Undercurrent architects_C8

Linen Pavilion is a temporary building for travelling exhibitions. The design works with small floorspaces and low-budget material and erection costs, using hanging linen flags to provide a variety of spaces and enclosures.

Fabric flags create diffuse partitions that define spaces, form vistas and spatial sequences, and shape how people move in and around the various pavilions.

The flags are hung on closely-set stainless steel wires and are layered and arrayed into dense volumes; the volumes are then carved to form the interior spaces. What remains behind is spongy fabric enclosure, ergonomically fitted around the interior activity – much like the comfortable furniture on display.


Guangzhou, China

Shanghai , China




Milan, Italy

Linen Pavilion. Undercurrent architects_C6


Project Team:

Undercurrent Architects : Didier Ryan , Alessandra Giannotti